Who wants to meet up to 10 beautiful women everyday? And a total of 300 women every month?

What if I were to tell you that you can do all these without going to loud noisy clubs and smokey bars?

Even better... what if I were to tell you that you can achieve all these while going about your normal daily activities?

Imagine a situation where you literally have to reject phone calls and cancel dates with hot women... simply because you have not enough time for all of them.

This is for all the guys who know that clubs and bars can't be the only place where you can meet hot attractive women...introducing... the DAY GAME DOMINATION ebook!

The ultimate instructional manual on how to meet women on the streets! Professionally written and published. DAY GAME DOMINATION cuts through all the standard bulls**t and gets straight to the meat of things to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it!

DAY GAME DOMINATION is brutally honest about the pick-up community and dishes tough love!

This ain't a self-help manual trying to inspire you or to help overcome your approach anxiety. This book is for the tough guys who are already intermediate to advanced in their pick up skills.

This is not a beginner's manual. This is the forbidden manual you want to steal from the temple of knowledge to help you conquer the world.

Here's a sneak preview on the forbidden contents of DAY GAME DOMINATION

- 4 statements to have in your head at all times to literally have you on an approaching rampage

-3 mistakes you could be making with your dressing that's ruining your chances even before you open your mouth!

-1 important rule to follow to main a high social value among your friends and family at all times!

-An important caveat about cold approaches which you simply have to be aware of. Life's not a bed o roses and neither is a cold approach.

-A strategy to literally multiply the number of women you are meeting per day

-Make a girl decide that she is attracted to you on a conscious and subconscious level within 10 seconds! Failure to master this art would lead to many of your numbers becoming flakes!

-The hidden 3 step method to ensure that the target stops dead in her tracks for you to have a solid conversation with her!

-The concept of perceived social pressure. Lack of this understanding would have a girl reject you for the most random reason.

-An advanced hypnotic tactic to help a girl recover from the shock of being approached. (Note that letting her stay in a prolonged state of shock would lead to flaky numbers and even outright rejections!)

-The only real DHV (Demonstration of higher value) which you need to display at all times. (and the best part is it will be activated even when you are not approaching)

-Advanced body language instructions to make her think you are simply the guy to be with! (takes a bit of practice)

-A small tweak in facial expressions which would let her decide that she wants you in her bed and not as her friend! (this tweak would also increase your social value amongst your friends)

-3 important lines which you need to remember at all times. Use your own words at your own peril!

-2 deadly groups of people to avoid on the streets at all times if you want to be extremely successful at day game

-The best times and places to go approaching. Going against this rule would simply lead to unnecessary frustrations.

-The most viable type of targets you need to look out for on the street. (A lion has to know his type of prey)

All these and more in the 22 chapters of DAY GAME DOMINATION!

All that being said, you are probably wondering how much is this going to cost you. but before we get to that...let me ask you one question...


Priceless? Maybe hundreds of thousands?

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